Why Amp Impact?

Built on common needs for 360° view of impact

Designed for efficiency. Built for flexibility.

Over the last 10 years delivering technology solutions for impact-driven organizations, we've identified common needs in the ways organizations manage portfolios and track impact across programs, projects, and grants.

Amp Impact provides a common denominator solution for implementers and grantmakers to monitor the outcomes, indicators, implementation, and cost-effectiveness of their global portfolios over time across geographies. This enables organizations to better understand their impact and drive more efficient, cost-effective programs.

Your digital transformation vision realized

A fully-integrated platform to work cross-functionally, communicate effectively, and incorporate learnings in near real-time

360° view of portfolio impact

One central tool for portfolio and impact data to improve day-to-day operations and decision-making

Streamline processes

Save staff time and headaches with powerful automation across the program, project, or grant lifecycle

Scalable for the future

Incorporate new features and 3rd party tools to align your digital solution with operational needs

Continually innovating with a community of users

We take customer feedback seriously, evolving and developing our product in collaboration with users and partners

Unlock a culture of data-informed decision-making

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IMM and MEL: Can One Tool Meet Impact Measurement Needs Across Sectors?

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Risky Business: Monitoring and Learning from Risks in the Social Sector

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