Product Features

Full-featured to save time, money, and headaches

A fit-for-purpose solution to address your needs

Amp Impact provides a flexible solution on the Salesforce platform to meet common monitoring and evaluation, program and project management, and grant management needs.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Centralize beneficiary data, indicator management, logframes, and reporting to inform decision-making

Program Management

Capture results, drive accountability, and improve delivery across your portfolio of programs and projects

Grant Management

Streamline the grantmaking process and measure the impact of your grants and grantees over time

A single source of truth for portfolio data

Collaborate on portfolio data more efficiently and oversee delivery of multiple projects

Portfolio Details

Centralize information for programs / project / grants across their lifecycles


Tag SDGs, geographies, and thematic areas to projects, grants, or investments


Monitor budget versus expenditure and manage disbursements

Work Planning

Create implementation plans and track activity completion in Gantt charts


Identify and manage project risks and implement mitigation strategies

Form Builder

Create form templates for applications or assessment purposes

Excel Download

Download user-friendly Excel templates to access and capture data offline


Translate the system to dozens of languages and data in up to four languages

Understand and communicate your impact

Use program insights to inform decision-making and improve delivery


Define impacts, outcomes, outputs, or other objectives


Create custom indicators and/or use a catalog of standard indicators

Targets & Results

Track results against targets to monitor progress over time


Visualize performance with dynamic reports, graphs, and dashboards


Disaggregate data by gender, age, region, or other sub-categories

Narrative Reporting

Create narrative assessments and evaluate performance in radar charts


Aggregate individual- or indicator-level data for holistic insights of program impact

IATI Publishing

Generate XMLs to publish data to the IATI registry in a few clicks

Extend and scale your solution on Salesforce

Seamlessly integrate your solution with hundreds of native Salesforce and/or 3rd party tools

Offline Mobile Data Collection

Empower field service agents with offline data collection and insights using TaroWorks

Online Community Portal

Create an online portal using Salesforce Communities to facilitate collaboration and data sharing

Powerful Analytics

Leverage Salesforce Analytics to transform how you understand and communicate your impact

3 major product releases per year

Amp Impact Electra: Powerful new functionality for Work Planning and Logframes and key UX enhancements

Amp Impact Electra: Powerful new functionality for Work Planning and Logframes and key UX enhancements

Amp Impact Electra, the product’s Winter ‘21 release, brings powerful new functionality to strengthen work planning and logframe management, provides greater flexibility to use Amp Impact’s features on any Salesforce object...

Amp Impact Summer '20

Delphinus Release Highlights: New Grant Applications and Reviews Module

Amp Impact Delphinus, the product’s Summer ‘20 release, launches huge new features and enhancements for implementers and grantmakers. The most exciting addition is the Grant Applications and Reviews Module...

Amp Impact Spring '20

Amp Impact ‘Cassiopeia’ Release Introduces Multi-language Capability

Amp Impact Cassiopeia, the product’s 11th release, is now available with a revolutionary update for multilingual organizations: the ability to view and export data in multiple languages. In collating feedback from our customers...

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