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Amp Impact Electra: Powerful new functionality for Work Planning and Logframes and key UX enhancements

Amp Impact Electra: Powerful new functionality for Work Planning and Logframes and key UX enhancements

Amp Impact Electra, the product’s Winter ‘21 release, brings powerful new functionality to strengthen work planning and logframe management, provides greater flexibility to use Amp Impact’s features on any Salesforce object(s), and adds key enhancements to continue strengthening the product’s...

Amp Impact Summer '20

Delphinus Release Highlights: New Grant Applications and Reviews Module

Amp Impact Delphinus, the product’s Summer ‘20 release, launches huge new features and enhancements for implementers and grantmakers. The most exciting addition is the Grant Applications and Reviews Module, a packaged set of functionality that helps streamline and automate the application management process for grant managers...

Amp Impact Spring '20

Amp Impact ‘Cassiopeia’ Release Introduces Multi-language Capability

Amp Impact Cassiopeia, the product’s 11th release, is now available with a revolutionary update for multilingual organizations: the ability to view and export data in multiple languages. In collating feedback from our customers over the years – most of whom are implementers and grant-makers working across multiple geographies and in multiple languages...

Amp Impact Fall '19

Amp Impact ‘Bellatrix’ Release: IATI Data Publishing, Risk Management, and Improved Grantee Reporting

Amp Impact Bellatrix, the third release of 2019, is now available with trailblazing new features and enhancements for streamlined data sharing and risk management. We’re especially proud of the collaboration efforts that went into this release, including guidance and support from existing Amp customers and the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)...

Amp Impact Summer '19

Amp Impact Aquila Release: Capture financial data in Excel, update Logical Framework items, and more

The second Amp Impact release of the year is now live! Named Aquila ⁠— after the constellation that represents eagles delivering lightning to Zeus – the latest Amp Impact release provides users with new features and enhancements to: download/upload structured budget and expenditure data using a friendly XLS template, update Logical Framework item(s)...

Amp Impact Winter '19

Amp Impact: Winter ’19 is Now Available

Vera has just released Amp Impact: Winter ’19 with new features and enhancements specifically designed to help organizations achieve their ongoing objectives and deliver better results. Working with a variety of organizations globally, we’re continually hearing ways in which Amp Impact could further streamline portfolio management needs to amplify the impact...

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